Sunday, September 30, 2012

Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 35 September 30 2012

This week: HYSTERICS out of Olympia, WA let me ask them a few questions about tour, open letters to Green Day, musical and non musical influences and more. Also included is the entirety of their debut 7" out on M'lady's Records which has just been repressed for the 3RD TIME.  They tore it up at the B-Side on the 17th and proved that Hysterics are not a band to be slept on. Thanks to Shelley and Amber of Swimsuit for sitting in and helping out on the interview.

Artist - Song - Album

Hour One

The Lollipop Shoppe - Underground Railroad - Just Colour (Big Beat)

Mauser - Deterioration - Isolation E.P. (Vinyl Rites)
The Clean - Getting Older - Oddities (540)
Six Organs of Admittance - Waswasa - Ascent (Drag City)
The G.R.I.M. - Old Enough - Getting Revenge in 'Mercia (Mystic)
XWave - Sweet Love - Cities on Flame (Little Big Chief)
Mark Fosson - Sky Piece - Digging in the Dust (Tompkins Square)

Warthog - M.F.S./Pig - Demo (self released)
Beatings - Television (On-U Sound Dub Mix) - Television 12" (Alternative Tentacles)
Walls - The Tears of A Lonely Man - The Future is Wide Open (Iron Lung)
Sun Araw - The Summum - The Inner Treaty (Drag City)
Vertigo - When It's All Over - Vertigo (Amphetamine Reptile)

Hour Two 

Altered States of the United Snakes - Picking Up the Man - Pagan Tiger Swing Band (Lost Treasures of the Underworld)

Amps For Christ - March to Winter/Pure Hammond/The Sweet Sunny West - The Secret of the Almost Straight Line (Westside Audio Laboratories)

Hysterics - Arm Candy - Hysterics E.P. (M'Lady's)
Interview Part I
Hysterics - Dow Jones - Hysterics E.P. (M'Lady's)
Interview Part II
Hysterics - Correct Me - Hysterics E.P. (M'Lady's)

Interview Part III
Hysterics - Sunk - Hysterics E.P. (M'Lady's)
Interview Part IV
Hysterics - Deformative Years - Hysterics E.P. (M'Lady's)
Interview Part V
Hysterics - Hanging Out at the 512 - Hysterics E.P. (M'Lady's)

Rezillos - Bad Guy Reaction - Can't Stand the Rezillos (Sire)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 34 September 23 2012

Inservibles L-R Kuble (guitar); Benjamin (drums); Yecal (guitar/vox); Borrego (bass)

This week, an exclusive interview with Mexico City's Inservibles. The band played a kickass set at the Trumbullplex a few weeks back and were kind enough to talk to me about their influences, touring experiences, and some favorite spots to chow down in Mexico City. Great set and nice enough gents, too! The interview is in the second hour, give it a listen! Inservibles on the World Wide Web:

Hour One

Montrose - Rock the Nation - Montrose (Warner Bros)
Altered States o the United Snakes - Fancy Liars - Pagan Tiger Swing Band (Lost Treasures of the Underworld)
Sounds of Modification - You Are Asking For the Key - Sounds of Modification (Jubilee)
Walls - Pure Hate AKA Fraud - The Future is Wide Open (Iron Lung)

Cotton Museum - Corpuscle Clot - Hatching Extraction (Tasty Soil)
Sea Creature - Mercury - Wallpaper (Self Released)
U-Men - Papa Doesn't Love His Children Anymore - Step on a Bug (Black Label)

Six Organs of Admittance - A Thousand Birds - Ascent (Drag City)
Men's Recovery Project - My Demands/Problem?/Men's Recovery Project - Normal Man 7" (Gravity)
Sickoids - Human Steps - Sickoids (Residue)
Augustus Pablo - Sounds From Levi - East of the River Nile (Message)
Jon Specner Blues Explosion - Get With It - Get With It b/w Down Low 7" (In the Red)
XWave - Wasted - Cities on Flame (Little Big Cheif)

Hour Two

Pygmy Shrews - Crud Monger - The Egyptian (Wäntage)

Inservibles - Aceptalo Todo - ¿Cual Es Tu Pedo, Ñero? 7" (Leather Bar)
Inservibles Interview Part One
Inservibles - Una Vez Mas - Inservibles 7" (Shogun)
Inservibles Interview Part Two
Inservibles - Exclusion - Una Vida De Tristeza 7" (SPHC)
Inservibles Interview Part Three
Inservibles Ruido De Mierda - Una Vida De Tristeza 7" (SPHC)

Ratas Del Vaticano - Comienzate A Masturbar -Mocosos Pateticos (Siltbreeze)
Obnox - Gin and Coke Water - I'm Bleeding Now (12XU)
Mark Fosson - Digging in the Dust - Gorilla Mountain (Tompkins Square)
X-Ray Pop - Alcool - The Dream Machine (Dark Entries)

Rip Rig and Panic - Through Nomad Eyeballs - God (Virgin)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 33 September 16 2012

Artist - Song - Album

Hour One

John's Children - Strange Affair - Smashed! Blocked! b/w Strange Affair (White Whale)
Slugfuckers - Mechanical Boy - Three Feet Behind Glass and Instant Classic (Insolito)
Hysterics - Arm Candy/Dow Jones/Correct Me/Sunk - Hysterics E.p. (M'lady)
Splotch - Bonafideness - Have Another Tantrum (Menlo Park)
School Jerks - Wicked World - School Jerks (Grave Mistake/Bad Vibrations)
Leadbelly - Irene - Take This Hammer (Folkways)
Borghesia - Lini Je Sile - Clones (Dark Entries)
Nü Sensae - Eat Your Mind - Sundowning (Suicide Squeeze)
Altered States of the United Snakes - Neither Do You - The Pagan Tiger Swing Band (Lost Treasures of the Underworld)

Unholy Two - Cut the Music (I'm the Nightstalker) - Cut the Music (I'm the Nightstalker) b/w Razor 7" (12XU)
Buck Owens - Sweethearts in Heaven - The Fabulous Country Music Sound of Buck Owens (Starday)
Null & Void - The Philosophy Song - Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts) (Bunker Pop)
Infest - Kill the Peace - Mankind (Deep Six/Draw Blank)
Cerebrum - Eagle Death - Eagle Death (Shadoks)
The Move - Walk Upon the Water - The Move (Polydor)

Hour Two

Sunflare - Don't  Belong - Ghetto Blast (Batshit)
Cheb Zergui - Ana Dellali (I Cuddle Myself) - 1970s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground (Sublime Frequencies)

Inservibles - Ruido De Mierda - Unda Vida de Tristeza (SPHC)
Beme Seed - I Am the Sign - Beme Seed (Blast First)
Wet Hair - Blank Saturday - Spill Into Atmosphere (De Stijl)
Bill Bondsmen - Nineteen - Nineteen b/w Things Fall Apart 7"

Roxy Music - Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music (Reprise)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 32 September 9 2012

GUESS WHAT? You don't have to adjust your lifestyle in order to LISTEN TO THE GRASS GROW. LTTGG will continue its summer slot into the fall.

So a quick reminder, tune in every Saturday night/Sunday morning from 1a-3a for some GRASS GROWING GOOD TIMES. 88.3 on your FM radio dial or stream it via

Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for a chat I recorded with Mexico City's Inservibles.

Till then, ENJOY:

Band - Song - Album

Hour One

Blue Öyster Cult - Cagey Cretins - Secret Treaties (Columbia)
Nü Sensae - Spit Gifting - Sundowning (Suicide Squeeze)
Redd Kross - Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To me - Red Cro$s 1979-1982 (Boot)
Hammering the Cramps - Lemmings - Hammering the Cramps (Wormwood Grasshopper)
Lydia Lunch & Roland S. Howard - Some Velvet Morning - Some Velvet Morning 12" (4AD)

Unholy Two - Razor - Cut the Music (I'm the Nightstalker) b/w Razor 7" (12xu)
Crystalized Movements - Communal Storybook - Mind Disaster (Twisted Village)

Home Blitz - Frozen Track - Frozen Track 12" (Mexican Summer)
Crucifix - Prejudice - Dehumanization (Corpus Christi)
Obnox - Daughter - I'm Bleeding Now (12xu)
Swans - The Seer Returns - The Seer (Young God)
Easy Action - All of the Time - Easy Action (Reptilian)

Hour Two

Hysterics - Correct Me/Sunk - Hysterics e.p. ( M'lady's)
Puffy Areolas - $200 (Dishonorable Discharge) - 1982: Dishonorable Discharge (Hozac)
Lee Hazlewood - The Nights - A House Safe For Tigers (Light in the Attic)
School Jerks - Problems - School Jerks (Grave Mistake/Bad Vibrations)
Protomartyr - King Boots/Bubba Helms - Dreads 85 84 7" (Urinal Cake)
Venom P. Stinger - Full Cirlce - Tearbucketer (Siltbreeze)

Inservibles - Exclusión - Unda Vida de Tristeza 7" (SPHC)
Fabulous Diamonds - John Song - Commercial Music (Chapter Music)
Saccharine Trust - I Am Right - Pagan Icons (SST) *REQUEST
The Clean - Lemmings - Oddities (540)
Salvation - House of the Beating Hell - House of the Beating Hell E.p. (Youth Attack)
E.T. Habit - Venomous - Venomous 7" (Hozac)
Rat Columns - Ashes of a Rose/Opaque Eyes - Sceptre Hole (Smart Guy)

The Adverts - No Time To Be 21 - Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts (Link)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 31 September 2 2012

Holy smokes, three hours of 'The Grass' this week! Get SUM! Also, the new Fall schedule goes into effect next week, so I'll update with the new show time when I get it. the meantime, listen...

Artist - Song - Album

Hour One 

Bob Seger & the Last Heard - Heavy Music Parts 1 and 2 - Heavy Music 45 (Cameo Parkway)
Dead C - Sky - Harsh 70's Reality (Siltbreeze)
Samara Lubelski - Hang of Summer - Wavelength (De Stijl)
Government Warning - Rot and Decay/Nowhere to Go - Paranoid Mess (Grave Mistake)
Rat Columns - Death is Leaving Me - Sceptre Hole (Smart Guy)
Maggots - Tammy Wynette - Bloostains Arcoss California (Bloodstains)
Fabulous Diamonds - Inverted Vamp - Commercial Music (Chapter Music)

Nü Sensae - Dust - Sundowning (Suicide Squeeze)
Milk 'N' Cookies - Not Enough Girls in the World - Milk 'N' Cookies (Radio Heartbeat)
J.F.A. - Mad Garden/Rushing Bull - Mad Garden E.P. (Placebo)
Merchandise - Time - Children of Desire (Katorga Works)
Big Star - September Girls (Alternate Version) - 1974-78 Alex Chilton & Big Star Bootleg EP (Boot)
Stress - Semi-D Prison - Conspiracy Theory (Dark Entries)
The Teardrop Explodes - Went Crazy - Kilamanjaro (Mercury)
Blues Control - Opium Den/Fade to Blue - Valley Tangents (Drag City)

Hour Two

Bits of Shit - F - Cut Sleeves (Homeless)
Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme - World Galaxy (Impulse!)
Kremlin - Rot/Anti Septic/Destruction Mindless - Will You Feed Me? 7" (Hardware)
Wooden Shjips - Down By the Sea - Dos (Holy Mountain)

Home Blitz - Dark Summer - Frozen Track 12" (Mexican Summer)
The Standells - Rari - Dirty Water b/w Rari 45 (Tower)
Necros - Bad Dream/Police Brutality - Conquest For Death (Touch and Go)
E.T. Habit - Starside Devestation - Venomous 7" (Hozac)
Obnox - Without A Soul - Purple Reign 7" (Negative Guest List)
Amon Düül 2 - Mozambique - Vive La Trance (United Artists)

Hour Three

Nervebreakers - Hijack the Radio - Hijack the Radio (Rave Up)

Crazy Spirit - Troll - Crazy Spirit 12" (Toxic State)
Sky "Sunlight" Saxon - House of Mine - Fire Wall (Passport)White Suns - Temple - Sinews (Load)
Fear - I Don't Care About You/ I Love Livin' in the City - The Decline of Western Civilization OST (Slash)

Monoshock - Crypto-Zoological Disaster - Walk to the Fire (Blackjack)
Woollen Kits - Down Your Street - Shelley b/w Down Your Street (Trouble in Mind)
Spectre Folk - Please Come Home - The Ancient Storm (Vampire Blues)
Solid Attitude - (Cool) With Me - BB Gun Picnic (Rotted Tooth)
Puffy Areolas - Not Tonight - 1982: Dishonorable Discharge (Hozac)

Agent Orange - Bloodstains - Bloodstains Across California (Bloodstains)