Monday, September 24, 2012

Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 34 September 23 2012

Inservibles L-R Kuble (guitar); Benjamin (drums); Yecal (guitar/vox); Borrego (bass)

This week, an exclusive interview with Mexico City's Inservibles. The band played a kickass set at the Trumbullplex a few weeks back and were kind enough to talk to me about their influences, touring experiences, and some favorite spots to chow down in Mexico City. Great set and nice enough gents, too! The interview is in the second hour, give it a listen! Inservibles on the World Wide Web:

Hour One

Montrose - Rock the Nation - Montrose (Warner Bros)
Altered States o the United Snakes - Fancy Liars - Pagan Tiger Swing Band (Lost Treasures of the Underworld)
Sounds of Modification - You Are Asking For the Key - Sounds of Modification (Jubilee)
Walls - Pure Hate AKA Fraud - The Future is Wide Open (Iron Lung)

Cotton Museum - Corpuscle Clot - Hatching Extraction (Tasty Soil)
Sea Creature - Mercury - Wallpaper (Self Released)
U-Men - Papa Doesn't Love His Children Anymore - Step on a Bug (Black Label)

Six Organs of Admittance - A Thousand Birds - Ascent (Drag City)
Men's Recovery Project - My Demands/Problem?/Men's Recovery Project - Normal Man 7" (Gravity)
Sickoids - Human Steps - Sickoids (Residue)
Augustus Pablo - Sounds From Levi - East of the River Nile (Message)
Jon Specner Blues Explosion - Get With It - Get With It b/w Down Low 7" (In the Red)
XWave - Wasted - Cities on Flame (Little Big Cheif)

Hour Two

Pygmy Shrews - Crud Monger - The Egyptian (Wäntage)

Inservibles - Aceptalo Todo - ¿Cual Es Tu Pedo, Ñero? 7" (Leather Bar)
Inservibles Interview Part One
Inservibles - Una Vez Mas - Inservibles 7" (Shogun)
Inservibles Interview Part Two
Inservibles - Exclusion - Una Vida De Tristeza 7" (SPHC)
Inservibles Interview Part Three
Inservibles Ruido De Mierda - Una Vida De Tristeza 7" (SPHC)

Ratas Del Vaticano - Comienzate A Masturbar -Mocosos Pateticos (Siltbreeze)
Obnox - Gin and Coke Water - I'm Bleeding Now (12XU)
Mark Fosson - Digging in the Dust - Gorilla Mountain (Tompkins Square)
X-Ray Pop - Alcool - The Dream Machine (Dark Entries)

Rip Rig and Panic - Through Nomad Eyeballs - God (Virgin)

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