Monday, October 8, 2012

Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 36 October 7 2012

No distractions this week, just no frills, less talk-more rock, cut to the chase, GRASS GROWIN'!


Artist - Song - Album

Hour One

The Golden Dawn - My Time - Power Plant (International Artists)
Useless Children - Post Ending - Post Ending/Pre Completion (Iron Lung)
Reagan Youth - New Aryans - Vol. One (New Red Archives)
Cotton Museum - Hatching Extraction - Hatching Extraction (Tasty Soil)
The George Edwards Group - Planets and Stars - 38:38 (Drag City)
Swans - 93 Ave B Blues - The Seer (Young God)

Bits of Shit - Traps - Cut Sleeves (Homeless)
Simon Stokes - Good Times They Come/Waltz For Jaded Lovers - The Incredible Whip Thrill Band (Spindizzy)
Goosebumps - Mad Problems/Don't Know Shit/Needles - I Hate My Body 7" (Burn Books)
Tall Dwarfs - Song of the Silents - Hello Cruel World (Homestead)
Straightjacket Nation - Childcare- Nationalism 7" (Iron Lung)
Suckdog - Ow, Ow, Ow/Cheetah - Onward Suckdog Soldiers (Suckdog)
Flesheaters - See You in the Boneyard - A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die (Ruby)

Hour Two

Zond - Blue Haze - Zond (R.I.P. Society)

Sunflare - Biker Jinx - Ghetto Blast (Batshit)
Wetbrain - Track One - Demo (Self released)
Subhumans - Till the Pigs Come Round - The Day the Country Died (Bluurg)

Mauser - Void - Isolation E.p. (Vinyl Rites)
Leaf Hound - Stagnant Pool - Growers of Mushrooms (Repertoire)
Unholy Two - Cut The Music (I'm the Nightstalker) - Cut The Music (I'm the Nightstalker) b/w Razor 7" (12XU)
Six Organs of Admittance - Close to the Sky - Ascent (Drag City)
Walls - Stare at the Walls - The Future is Wide Open (Iron Lung)
Hammering the Cramps - The Seahorse Song - Hammering the Cramps (Wormwood Grasshopper)

Really Red - Prostituion - VA: Let Them Eat Jellybeans (Alternative Tentacles)

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